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Sneak Peak into Some of Our Conference Panels

  • LongTerm Recovery

  • Healing Our Relationships in Al-Anon

  • LGBTQIA+ Gender, Sexuality, and Sobriety in AA

  • The Young Faces of AA: Stories of Early Entry and Ongoing Recovery

  • International Women’s CC

  • The Art of Living Sober: Stoicism and Meditation in RecoveryAfternoon with the Atheists

  • BIPOCFriends of Secular AA: OA, NA, CoDA, ACA, Al-Anon

  • Relationships in Recovery: Platonic and Romantic




Want to lend a hand in the panels?

If you’d like to offer to be a panelist in any of the events,

click here to email​​​




Sneak Peak into Some of Our Conference Workshops

  • Legislative Remedies to Prevent State-coerced Participation in Orthodox 12-Step Programs

  • Limitless Expansion through Practice of THESE Steps, a Lifelong Adventure

  • Slogans in AA

  • Art in Recovery

  • Parenting in Recovery

  • Atheism as Affirmation in Sobriety

  • How to Start a Secular Meeting in the Bible Belt

  • Emotional Sobriety

  • Broken Anonymity

  • Double Winners

  • Our (Troublesome?) Relationship to AA Literature, Experience and Strategies for the Future

  • Yoga

  • Sound Therapy with Singing Bowls

  • Working Undercover (or Exposed!)Addiction, Separation from Family, and the Path to Healing

  • Write Recovery

  • Religious & Spiritual Abuse, Spirituality & Secularism in Al-Anon

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