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The ICSAA 2022 Virtual Conference was a wild success! Our workshops and speakers were recorded and can be found HERE


Keynote Speakers will be Dr. Anna Lembke, author of Dopamine Nation, speaking on “Radical Honesty: How Telling the Truth Changes our Brains and Promotes Recovery.”


William Schaberg, author of Writing the Big Book speaking on “from 'Religious' to 'Spiritual': A Historical Evolution"


and biologist Bill W., author of Twelve Secular Steps: An Addiction Recovery Guide, on “Dopamine and the 12 Steps”;

as well as Kevin Griffin, author of “Buddhism and the Twelve Steps”.


Additional Meetings on Embracing Neurodivergence in Recover, Secular AA Down-under in Australia and New Zealand, AA Zoom Security Tips and Tricks, LGBTQ+ in Secular AA, Secular Big Book Study, In Order for a Reason, Tao of Sobriety, We're Not All Egomaniacs, Las Vegas Secular Sobriety, Hong Kong International Asia/Pacific Open AA Meeting, Practicing all the Steps in Our Daily Lives, Preview of ICSAA Orlando 2024'2 in person Conference, and more...

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